Delicious sakes from small sake breweries are not widely known yet. Actually, there are many. Enjoying a cup of sake while thinking about its brewery and its region will lead you on a virtual journey. We will deliver a "close relationship" with these sakes to everyone with a tasty appetizer. Hoping that one cup of sake will connect with sake lovers, and create a great "harmony". We hope that such "harmony" will be a great force in support of the sake brewery. Let us be the help.

Unique character 4,000 yen course, carefully selected by a sake sommelier, includes rich or light and dry types. For example, just like when you see a movie, and there is a tasteful actor of whom it is said "This role can only be played by this actor." We gathered sake that excites you by simply considering pairing it with food. It is mainly Junmai-shu or Junmai ginjyo-shu.

The 5000 yen course’s image is dignified, like a great actor who emanates a magnificent aura just by being there. It’s not inferior to well-known sake. Its smooth, light taste will surely make you deem it as "authentic". We selected sake that we would like you to drink alone. It is mainly pure Junmai ginjo-shu and Junmai daiginjyo-shu.

Collaborating Breweries


Eiji Sugihara
Sake Samurai

My name is Eiji Sugihara, and I'm a certified Sake Samurai who heads the Sake Culture Appreciation Society and holds lectures on the history and culture of sake. Each month, I'll be writing an article on sake and food pairings. Let's enjoy the world of sake together!

John Townsend

Greetings, sake fans! I'm John Townsend, a.k.a. the second Mister Sake. Discovering sake changed my life, and I've made it my mission to share the joy of sake with people around the world. Each month, I'll be penning an essay on the joy of sake for the Washu-kai Select project produced by my fellow sake lover, Yuki. Kampai! (Cheers!)

Hayato Kazama
Senior Managing Director, Tamagawa Sake Brewery

It's truly an honor to have our sake chosen for the inaugural installment of Washu-kai Select. I believe that each bottle of sake has its own story behind it. The sake we bring you this time is a sublime junmai ginjo that embodies Japan's Echigo region, the home of our brewery. We hope you enjoy it!